This is the background for the first shot in an animation i'm working on for my portoflio, and to get it the hell out of my head. it is a retro-styled fake commercial for nasa.

The long story behind that is, a friend of mine mentioned that he had read something somewhere about nasa having a contest to develop an advertising campaign. I never checked if this was true or not, but i'm making these anyway.

I'm doing the backgrounds in painter, and the animation in flash. Incidentally, does anyone know if one can import new pencil stroke styles, like the dashed and the dotted, into flash? I'm using CS3, but i have access to flash 8.

Church On Time

She's supposed to be in a wedding dress. I was just messing around in painter. LEARNING! KINDA!!!

Lil from Squidbillies

This is a fanart of Lil from Squidbillies, the show i'm working on right now.

I was going for a circa 1970's hustler-style magazine cover photo.