I know i made a committment to committing, this entry is to let you know that i am keeping up with it!!!!! tonight i am working on i short animated thingy (the easiest of the nasa commercials), and i'll post it when it's done, no matter how stupid it is. AND IT'S PRETTY STUPID!

man, do i love outerspace.

I finished plowing through 30Rock tonight, and was rewarded with a final episode entitled 'cooter.'

now i know for sure that i have been writing that show in my sleep and keeping it a secret from myself.



just had to get something down on digital paper.



A Message from Meeeee.
I am trying to recommit to this sketchblog, so i am improving, rather than festering. It is hard to reestablish the determination i used to have for this. Do you have advice? Pleeease share.


Last night i was trying to doodle out some of the characters for a story that has been rattling around my headmeat (those are the second image). That story is SPACE MOUNTAIN, THE MOVIE! (tee hee hee hee hee)

Then I remembered another story, and that is the spacebabe and the moustachioed dude.

And finally, Napoleon just makes me giggle. Some of my friends got me a Napoleon finger puppet for my birthday this year <3. It is on my fridge, awaiting the day i need a peptalk. :D