I have been a BUSY BEE!

Feb10 11second club from monsterberger on Vimeo.

I finished and posted my eleven second club entry! Yeah it needs work. Mostly i was relearning maya and trying to get a better handle on streamlining my animation techniques vis 3D. But i am prouder'n hell i got it done and posted by deadline! I HAVE WON THE OLYMPICS AND AM NOW KING!


A busy day.

i've been busy all day, so all i have to post is this freaking awesome dvd cover/movie poster.


The Sinister Side of the Desk

This is what's on the other side of my desk.


It's a digital picture frame i removed the faceplate from and fancied up a little bit. It's there to remind me that i should be drawing awesome things, and to keep new ideas swimming around my head all the time. Thank god for them internets, 'cause that's where i get the image ammo from.

(Sinister, in case you didn't know, and i'm not saying you don't, but someone else might not, and to them i provide that sinister is just another word for the left side. The right side is the dexterous side.)

Three images that grabbed me today.

I've been thinking about this image for days. The layout is deceptively clever, and says a hell of a lot with angles and empty spaces. An illustration by Franklin Booth, I believe.

From Disney's "Art of Story" book highlighting storyboard art. From the rescuers down under, i think. Since i'm working from memory, i don't remember if a specific artist was credited.

Also from the "Art of Story" book. DAAAAAAANG!!!!
Again, i didn't write it down, so i think this is the fox and the hound.


A while ago i caught the tail end of the BBC documentary "FACE," on PBS. It is a fascinating look on the why and why-there of facial features.

Anyone with a stake in character design should take a look at this. Among other things, it discusses why some features, and certain placements of features, are indicative of certain ages, personalities, genders, races, etc. It is utterly fascinating, and bonus: narrated by John Cleese!

Click through to go to the Netflix Streaming page for this documentary! -->


The 40-30-30 Rule

"The 40-30-30 Rule: Why Risk Is Worth It"
(click through for article)

An article at the 99% blog, that introduced to me a rule that really applies heartily to artists, and reminds you to GTFO of your comfort zone. It is for your own good!


"The Triumph of the American Imagination"

I went to the library to get a free pass to the zoo. Instead, i found THIS!

It is a 26 CD, 33.5 hour long biography of Walt Disney. When i saw this i realized how little i actually know about the dude! I can't wait to faceplant into his life story! BAM! 

Also found at the library, but in the DVD section:

If you're not familiar with "Make 'Em Laugh" in particular, i highly recommend it. The episodes i managed to catch on PBS about the history of Comedy in America is FASCINATING! 

So get a library card, already!!!!



That Beloved Classic:
Anne O.G. Gables
Sometimes i worry that i'm not a genius. I need to relax about that. I'm a total genius. All the time.


And let's meet our cast of characters!

and for her close up:


Seriously, half the cast of this movie is wall-eyed.

Amazing animal carvings!

On the way from my apartment to the farmers' market, there is a glass store that has two remarkable, GIANT carved wooden doors on display. I've driven by them about once a week for three years, but today i stopped in to take pictures, and i'm really glad i did. These are AMAZING.

They weigh a LOT, so i had to go outside and photograph them through the window to get both sides. They are HAND CARVED by a family in Zaire, and made of Mukwa wood. This is particularly remarkable if you look closely at the work around the border.
Kat, who co-owns the store with her husband is going on a month long cruise to hong kong, australia, and south africa in a few days. I'm kind of excited to go back next month and see what she's returned with!


this is a painting i have on my wall next to my desk.

I am working on an 11 second club entry for february! If you haven't already, check out this book!

There are a lot of extremely helpful reminders about dynamic posing, purpose, force, and weight. I like to review it before a life drawing session- it gets my head in the right place for capturing poses. I just flipped through it, and now i'm coming at my entry with a viking warhammer of FORCE!

I forgot how amazing it is. It is one i come back to over and over. Click here to find out which of your local borders stores has this book!