A friend of mine recently told me he could only go from illustrator to flash, and when he tried to bring flash artwork into illustrator, he could only get bitmaps in that direction. That didn't sound right, as in, it was unjust and someone should do something about it.

So i fiddled with settings and figured this out. This tutorial allows you to export an image from flash, and import it to illustrator, while maintaining vector/layer integrity.

I hope this helps someone!

ps: Works in cs5, does NOT work in cs3. cs4 is unknown territory.


r'n'r-RN said...

that is BAD ass.
beonsea! heheh

D: said...

If you aren't already familiar, i will have to introduce you to the ricky gervais podcasts, m'dear! (it is a horribly lame joke from that)