Shape tweens seem like tricky bitches beyond mortal comprehension, but really they are just a fussy pain in the ass. I used to both hate them and be mystified by them; now I find them really time-saving, and they're like enablers to working in certain styles I really like. Which I suppose means one day, I will love them, and have little shape-tween-green babies.
 Tips & Tricks after the jump!

1) They work better if you draw your shapes using the line tool- so you incur as few vector points as possible. Also, shapes with the same number of points on each side will tween easier

2) Almost everything is going to need shape hints- and shockingly, the fewer you use, the better. so try starting with one, and adding til your tween works. I usually try to put them on the vector points themselves, first, and start from the 'corner' (or sometimes midpoint on the line) that's giving me the most obvious trouble, then to the opposite corner if necessary. This doesn't always work- sometimes you have to experiment with them. (You can add a shape hint on a pc with ctrl+shift+h, and if you need to bring them back into view, it is ctrl+alt+h.)

3) Shape tweens really hate complicated shapes, or shapes that are more than one shape, by dint of how they are several colors on the same layer (flash recognizes this as two separate shapes,) or have a line edge in one key, and not the other. If you have a shape like this, break it down into separate layers. If it's still giving you trouble, go into outline mode on that layer, and make sure you don't have any sneaky fragments/artifacts

4) Sometimes shape tweens that worked will distort if you insert a keyframe between your first and last key. If i had a tween that was, as example, ten frames long, and i tried to stick a key on frame 5, sometimes the tween - WHICH WAS WORKING FINE - would then distort. The way i got around this was- select the entire tween, and f6. Then remove the tween (and if you're on 2's, delete ever other frame manually-- there are also plugins that will remove every other frame for you on command-- hell, there are plugins that will execute this entire process for you).

And if all else fails (like the tween works, but now your proportions are FUCK OFF!) sometimes you just have to manually tween. Whiiiich you probably already knew. :D

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Jay O. said...

You figured out shape tweens?! LIES. LIES I SAY! They were only ever placed in Flash by Satan's tricky hand! YOU ARE IN LEAGUE WITH THE DEVIL, WOMAN!! YOU'LL KILL US ALL!